Fellowships Program

IFP is no longer accepting new applicants. The final cohort has been selected, bringing the total number of IFP Fellows to around 4,300. IFP will conclude its work by 2013.

The International Fellowships Program was launched with a grant from the Ford Foundation in 2001. The program offered fellowships for post-graduate study to leaders from underserved communities in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Russia.

Fellowship recipients are exceptional individuals with demonstrated social commitment and academic achievement. Typically, they are men and women who have overcome obstacles such as poverty and discrimination to gain access to higher education, and aspire to work for social justice in their home communities upon completion of their studies.

As Ford Foundation President Luis Ubiñas noted, “The impact of the International Fellowships Program has reached far beyond the Fellows...It is reshaping how governments, universities and other scholarship programs are thinking about building diverse and talented leaders committed to our most pressing global issues. And it is proving that leaders from marginalized communities can compete academically in the most challenging environments and return to their home countries to make a difference.”

Intended as a decade-long program, IFP now enters its impact and learning phase, focusing on assessing and disseminating the knowledge generated by its groundbreaking model of leadership development. As part of its mandate, IFP will work to shape policies that open the doors of higher education to a new generation of social justice leaders.