About the Africa-America Institute (AAI)

In 1953 as countries throughout Africa strove towards independence, the founders of the Africa-America Institute were inspired by the vision of education preparing Africans to assume leadership positions in government and education. 

Through its administration of higher education and training programs, the Africa-America Institute stands at the forefront of US organizations that help build human capacity in Africa with over 22,000 African alumni from 52 countries having received professional training or advanced degrees in the US, Africa and other parts of the world. These alumni can be found working and contributing in virtually every field essential to the national development of their countries

Reports that document the contributions that have been made by the Africa-America Institute to African capacity and civil society clearly indicate that well-implemented programs of tertiary education can have a powerful, multiplier effect throughout an entire society. They also demonstrate how the work of the organization promotes the development of stable, capable African societies that protect and serve their people’s interests.

Despite the many positive reports on advances in Africa and the global community’s growing recognition of African possibilities for the future, challenges remain to be overcome. In recognizing these challenges, the Africa-America Institute is committed to working in close partnership with donor organizations and Africans across the Continent to make a difference: to continue to educate and train citizens and bridge the cultural divides between Africans and citizens of the world.